11th European Rogaining Championships 2014 Estonia

7. – 8. June 2014
Course: 24 hours rogaining
Start: Saturday, 12:00 on June 7th 2014
Finish: Sunday, 12:00 on June 8th 2014
Sunset (7th June): 22:01
Sunrise (8th June): 4:16
Time keeping: SPORTident time-keeping system will be used.
Registration is now open! Register here!
You can see the registered teams list here.

Registration to the event opens on November 15, 2013.

Entry fee (per competitor)

Early registration (with payment up to 31.12.2013)
Open, Veteran, Super Veteran — 49 €
Ultra Veteran, Junior — 39 €

General registration (with payment up to 31.03.2014)
Open, Veteran, Super Veteran — 65 €
Ultra Veteran, Junior — 45 €

Last chance registration (with payment up to 20.05.2014)
Open, Veteran, Super Veteran — 79 €
Ultra Veteran, Junior — 59 €

Entry and payment must be made before last registration deadline – 20.05.2014.
The entry fee covers participation in the competition, rogaining map and course
planning maps, number bibs, catering during the race, parking and tenting in the
event center, and awards for the best teams. The entry fee includes an IRF levy
(approx. 5 €).

Register here!

Terrain description

Terrain varies from pine forest to swamps, bogs and marshes. There is a good road network. Picturesque South-Estonian lakes and rivers.
Highest slopes with up till 30 metres’ height difference.
Some areas have gentle relief, there is a large area with micro-relief and some parts with larger land forms.
Most of the forest provides very good visibility, but also young forest and felled areas of
different age and runability. Many parts of the forest have recently been managed – younger
trees and undergrowth has been cut.

Competition terrain CAN consist of the following areas (see the orienteering maps links) but the exact competition area will not be revealed until the competition.