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Что: Спортивное ориентирование бегом Где: Западная и Центральная Европа (Германия, Франция, Италия, Испания...) Когда: 03.03.2017 - 12.03.2017

03.03.2017 - 12.03.2017 Mediterranean Orienteering Championship 2017. Пресс-релиз:

Автор: (den_zhilin) Денис Жилин   Добавлена: 29.03.2016
Developing orienteering – a way of living
The 12th edition of MOC - Mediterranean Orienteering Championship has ended a few days ago.
Sincere thanks to the orienteers from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece for their commitment and cooperation. We had 10 races in 10 days, in 3 different countries!
Thanks also to our prestigious sponsor SIVEN!
We can now count 14 countries where MOC has taken place: Italy, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Malta and Tunisia.
The MOC project, created in 2005, has developed in 3 areas: The Championships, The Camp and The Tour.
MOC originated from previous experience from the PWT World Series Olympic project. Indeed, back in 1996, PWT revolutionised foot orienteering, introducing the sprint formula.
In these 12 years we have nurtured a wealth of experiences, given and received. In many countries we brought sprint race innovation, drew new maps, developed a new spectacular race arena concept, with music and
The great World Champions of Orienteering were the main characters of MOC, and the golden book of winners is memorable: Thierry Gueorgiou, Daniel Hubmann, Simone Luder, Annika Billstam, Matthias Kyburz, Helena Jansson and many more. But also a lot of orienteering lovers have fun with us during the MOC TOUR, where the sport is combined with artistic and cultural visits, food and wine tasting, and dancing parties.
Some of the main cities of South Europe had been touched by MOC: Bari, Matera, Palermo, Rome, Skopje, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Beograd, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Tirana and Sofia.

The winners of the 12th edition of MOC 
Orienteering is a big family and we collected new friends over these years. We brought new incentives and new motivations to our beloved sport of the forests and streets. We feel we really contributed to the promotion and spreading of orienteering. We left our mark.
A great team has always been by my side, and without this team this big project would not have been possible. I must mention Jörgen Mårtensson as he has trusted me right from the beginning, Jens Kopland of PWT Travel, Jaroslav Kacmarcik, Claes Nideborn, Cecilia Colonna and Giulia Zenere, Michele Barbone and Mauro
In the past years many of our technical collaborators have worked behind the scenes, like Robert Zdrahal, Wolfgang Poetsch, Marku Joensuu, Janne Salmi, Aaron Gaio, Tommaso Scalet and more recently, Zoran Milanovic and Vency Venev. I will always extend to them my compliments
and my gratitude.
I have met so many friends and only in a book I could list them all.
I mention one friend above all: Nicola Manfredi, the singer-songwriter of orienteering, composer of “You and Me”, “Follow the Sun” and “Midnight Sun”. Nick often hung around with us, bringing his fondness and cheerfulness to our events. In 2009 he had the pleasure of opening the
O-Ringen from the stage at the opening ceremony with his show.
In 2017 he will turn 70 and our organisation will honour him with a stage at MOC 2017 in his birth town Savelli, in Calabria. This was a promise made many years ago by Jörgen Mårtensson and myself, and we will keep it. It will be a great orienteering party, and hereby I invite all MOC friends, PWT friends and O-friend to be with us.
For this occasion we will start a fund raising campaign, in order to create a memento book with a map collection and Nick Manfredi's new CD.
We wait you all from 3rd to 12th March 2017!
Follow the Sun!
Gabriele Viale
Concept maker - MOC - the original since 2005 :)
President PWT Italy association
Info Orienteering

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